• Kanisha Malhotra

The power of a great work space

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

When it comes to having a great work space, I believe its important to understand that outer space is not the only thing. You mind, body and soul as whole are your work space too. Each day you work around in and about your mind. It is hence important to keep it calm, clean and healthy. Just like we keep our environment clean, work on your mind for inner peace. This helps you work better. Every once in a while just like how you clean your office desk, clean your mind too. Clear out excess like you clear out Your desk or drawer. Inhale the good thoughts, exhale the bad ones.

Remember to have a vision board for your mind just like you do for your desk. Colour coordinate your desk and mind. Understand how important it is to practice this. Just like how to decorate your desk, Don't forget to decorate your mind with great thoughts!!

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